About Nail Strengtheners

Using Nail Strengtheners:

My nails are weak. What can I do to strengthen them?

Unfortunately, if you have weak nails you can't permanently change them. You can, however, do things to make them stronger.

Use a nail strengthener. Many women are confused about how to use these products, so here are a few tips:

Make sure you apply a thin coat, because you'll be applying it daily -- you don't want it to build up too much.

If you're at the beginning stages of growing out your nails, use only a strengthener on your nail plate and apply it every day.

If you want to apply nail enamel, use the strengthener as a base coat and as a top coat. Then continue to apply the strengthening product every day.

Remember, too much strengthening can actually make your nails brittle, so you might want to try a strengthening system. Seche Vite and Nailtique are among the brands that have several strengtheners that range from weak to potent, so you can adjust the product to fit your nails' needs.

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