Caring for Your Cuticles

Caring for Your Cuticles:

Hangnails are more often then not, caused by dry cuticles. When you see ragged cuticles or hangnails, your body is telling you to apply a hand cream or a lotion. Most people do not moisturize their cuticles enough. If you moisturize frequently you can avoid this problem.

There are two different views as to what to do with cuticles. It is our belief that one should not cut their cuticles. The cuticle is a barrier that keeps bacteria from entering your body, so it's best left in its place. However, you must maintain them often because leaving them unchecked can actually hinder proper growth. The solution is a good cuticle remover and an orange stick. After sufficiently softening your cuticle with the cuticle minimizer, gently push back cuticles with the orange stick. Then move the orange stick in tiny sweeping circles around the base of the nail to help remove dead skin and debris that may accumulate. Hold the stick at an angle to ensure that you do this gradually and gently Do this a minimum of three times per nail. Once the debris is fully lifted, wipe it away with a cotton ball. And remember, moisturize thoroughly after.

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